Artisphere Online

I am honored and excited to be the featured artist in the premier issue of the new digital version of IDAL’S magazine Artisphere, “Artisphere Online.” Please check it out for lots of interesting news about the Decorative Painting Industry, along with how-to’s, links, decorating hints, etc. Congratulations to my friend Pat Ganino at Creative… Continue reading Artisphere Online

Feathering your nest…

Birds are all the rage in decorating! From birdcage lamps at Urban Outfitters, to vintage style bird prints on pillows at Pottery Barn to bird necklaces and earrings, these decorative feathered friends seem to be at the height of design fashion. features this lovely mirror that would look great in a vintage or modern… Continue reading Feathering your nest…

My Review of Ampersand Hardbord 2″ Deep Cradled Panels

Originally submitted at Jerry’s Artarama Art Supplies For maximum support and frame all in one!If you want to prepare your own panel, start with unprimed Hardbord and apply your own oil or acrylic primers! Hardbord is the finest pressed wood panel available anywhere. Made in the U.S. from quality hardwoods, this panel resists warping and moi… Ampersand… Continue reading My Review of Ampersand Hardbord 2″ Deep Cradled Panels

Design Inspiration

When searching for design inspiration, my first place to look is the internet. There are so many sites, such as and, that are chock full of ideas. Books and magazines are usually my next stop. has many, many decorating books from which to choose. I also often visit my local library. Decorating… Continue reading Design Inspiration

Kid’s Rooms that Delight for Years

When designing your child’s space, consider imagining what your son or daughter’s likes or dislikes may be a few years from now. Disney princesses might sound good when your little girl is 3, but not so appealing when she is 8 or 10. There are so many options when decorating a child’s room! Take a… Continue reading Kid’s Rooms that Delight for Years