The Ancient Art of Bonsai

I’ve always been intrigued by “bonsai-d” trees and plants. There is something so cool about those tiny trees and forests! They almost look like tiny fairy gardens. I find them really magical. I love the idea of working in harmony with a living thing to achieve an end result that is aesthetically pleasing and actually… Continue reading The Ancient Art of Bonsai

A Child Prodigy and True Inspiration

I have heard of her before; I saw her on Oprah. I’ve come across her artwork online. But today, I decided to research her story. I am in awe. Her name is Akiane Kramirek and she is an extremely gifted artist, poet and philosopher from Idaho. At four years old she received divine inspiration and… Continue reading A Child Prodigy and True Inspiration

Kings, Queens and Courtiers…

I recently saw an interesting exhibit at Art Institute of Chicago. The exhibit, entitled Kings, Queens and Courtiers showcased many Illuminated Manuscripts from the 15th Century, beautiful tapestries, sculptures and more. The illuminated manuscripts were of particular interest to me. I have been intrigued by the books and images I have seen on the internet… Continue reading Kings, Queens and Courtiers…

Salon 2011 (continued…)

Well, Salon 2011 has come and gone and I am still smiling a week later. I had such a good time painting, laughing and dancing with all of my friends. For those of you who are unfamiliar with salon, you can check out their website at We are a group of decorative painters from… Continue reading Salon 2011 (continued…)

Salon 2011

It’s almost here!! April 6-10,2011 is the official date for this year’s annual Salon exhibition. If you are unfamiliar with Salon, please check out their site at It is an annual meeting of Decorative Artisans from all over the world. I am fortunate to be exhibiting for the second time and can’t wait to… Continue reading Salon 2011

Check this out. Wyland…a very talented and inspirational artist.

You’ve seen his work. He’s on calendars, posters, and walls all over the world. He uses his art to make himself a very wealthy man, but he also uses it to promote the conservation and recognition of endangered marine life. He is extremely talented; he gives, he gets. And the beat goes on… Read his… Continue reading Check this out. Wyland…a very talented and inspirational artist.