My favorite Decorating Trends of 2011-2012

As a decorative artist and lover of design, I try to stay on top of decorating trends and keep images and ideas that are fresh and exciting at the top of my head to use as inspiration for upcoming projects. As we come to the end of 2011 and start to look ahead to the coming year, I feel like it’s a good time to review some of my favorite design trends, interior and otherwise, and to look forward to see what will be popular in the coming months and plan accordingly.

One big look that has really made an impact across the board is the “Industrial Chic” look. Fueled by Restoration Hardware‘s gorgeous new line of furniture and accessories, this handsome and interesting style is full of rich textures, colors, and lines. It is distinguished by repurposed “industrial” items like gears and metals, vintage signs and clocks, and anything with time-worn patina and hardware. This look is a particular favorite of mine. Shows like American Pickers and Picker Sisters have added to the industrial chic craze.

Restoration Hardware
a page from the latest Restoration Hardware catalog
industrial side tables
industrial side tables
warm and exciting, cool and chic!
warm and exciting, cool and chic!

The next trend I love is the “Soft Modern” decorating style. This look blends traditional, modern, eclectic and contemporary pieces within a neutral color palette. It’s a style that is pleasing to most people and is easy to live with. It’s a hybrid of styles that is very warm and inviting while still being “sleek” and contemporary.
This modern bedroom is so serene
This modern bedroom is so serene
I love the retro wall
I love the retro wall
roundabout by wallovers
"roundabout" stencil by "wallovers" looks a lot like the wall in the previous pic
I don't typically think of modern as having so many interesting textures!
I don't typically think of modern as having so many interesting textures! It's gorgeous.

One color trend that has been hard to miss and can be seen across all decorating styles is the use of gray. Monochromatic gray rooms can look chic and elegant or vintage and shabby chic. I like both of these looks very much and love the freedom it allows homeowners to move accessories around their homes.
elegant gray zebra stripe stencil
The warm gray chinoisserie on the walls and ceiling are stunning and classic
Expect gray to stick around in the coming year. Yellow and “greige” a green/beige hybrid are expected to be popular, while purple and brown are out.
Finally, I love the use of burlap and other rich textures. I used unprimed linen sewn to another canvas for a custom piece of artwork for a customer this past year and was really pleased with the result. According to Beasley and Henley Interior Design, the hot look in furnishings is “Paris Flea Market meets Driftwood Salvage” Think reclaimed, rustic, vintage. Again, Restoration Hardware’s influence here can’t be denied.I particularly love the combination of old and reclaimed with classic and refined.
burlap fabric, reclaimed wood and hardware, vintage accessories
burlap covered chairs
love the mix of burlap and french design on these chairs shown on!
detail of "burlap" canvas
detail of "burlap" canvas I created earlier this year

Clearly, there is an abundance of material to use as inspiration for new finishes in the coming year…stay tuned:)

One thought on “My favorite Decorating Trends of 2011-2012

  1. Great post Bonnie! You summed up the current trends and where we are definitely headed! Ok, everyone- think Restoration Hardware!!! They are really the trendsetter we all need to pay attention to!

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