Feathering your nest…

a pair of cardinals adorn the walls over the bed
bird detail at Harvey House Bed and Breakfast in Oak Park, IL.

Birds are all the rage in decorating! From birdcage lamps at Urban Outfitters, to vintage style bird prints on pillows at Pottery Barn to bird necklaces and earrings, these decorative feathered friends seem to be at the height of design fashion.

.www.anthropologie.com features this lovely mirror that would look great in a vintage or modern styled bathroom or bedroom.

this bird mirror would look great in any style bathroom or bedroom

Harvey House bed and breakfast recently updated their Chalet Suite to feature birds on a textured plaster faux finish. The treatment added a lot of character to this already lovely room which also boasts a gorgeous field stone fireplace.

I really love using the images of birds in my artwork and murals,

pompeiian inspired mural detail in Northbrook, IL
Pompeiian inspired mural in Northbrook, IL
Bohemian Waxwings

so I am particularly pleased to see birds used in decorative items everywhere. You can see some of my bird artwork and prints, as well as many other bird related items, at etsy.com. Birds are whimsical, decorative, and classic. They have been used in decorative finishes for thousands of years. They can be found on many of the crumbling and patinated walls in Pompeii,

decorative bird on walls of Pompeiian villa
Pompeiian Garden Fresco detail

on timeless and sophisticated handpainted wallpapers from all over the world,

handpainted chinoisserie wallpaper
handpainted chinoisserie wallpaper featuring birds

as well as on new and contemporary furnishings and wall coverings.

modern bird wallpaper
modern bird wallpaper

So check out what’s new and add a bird or two to your decor this spring!

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