Kid’s Rooms that Delight for Years

When designing your child’s space, consider imagining what your son or daughter’s likes or dislikes may be a few years from now. Disney princesses might sound good when your little girl is 3, but not so appealing when she is 8 or 10. There are so many options when decorating a child’s room! Take a look at the web and decorating magazines for inspiration. Wrapping paper, fabric, bedding and more hold ideas for an incredible wall mural or design. In addition to murals, there are a lot of new stencils that cover the entire wall much like wallpaper and provide interesting design solutions. You can use repeated use stencils, one time use stencils, or modellos. Faux finishes such as linen or LusterStone are also a sophisticated option for kid’s rooms that will last for many years.

funky overscale hand painted shapes make this little girl's room really fun!

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